We have over 60 years of combined experience of investigation and linked disciplines. Originally British police officers specialising in the field of international organised and financial crime, our skills have been taken into the corporate world and the provision of services to the private client. Specialisms include litigation support, reputational risk and management of international investigations

Due Diligence/Fit and Proper Person

We are able to provide current, accurate and reliable information to assist the client in making informed decisions prior to engaging with individuals or entities. This ranges from red flags, verification of identity and pre-employment screening  to specialised and bespoke developed diligence commensurate with the real or perceived risk

Global Asset Tracing and Recovery

Whether originating from Due Diligence reporting, investigation or other sources, we can assist in the identifying and tracing of assets, real, financial or otherwise, on a global basis. We are accustomed to working with legal teams, insolvency practitioners and accountants.

Bespoke Services

We are sufficiently experienced to know and understand that the client may have needs and requirements that cross-cut our work or are less distinct. Our broad experience enables us to provide a range of solutions and include physical and cyber security, surveillance (physical and technical) and countermeasures, governance, assurance and compliance but to name a few